Wednesday, January 9, 2013

toyota agya daihatsu ayla 2013

The Toyota Agya is a city car designed by Daihatsu. It is produced in Indonesia. Daihatsu designed and manufacture the vehicle, which is then sold as the Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya. Daihatsu supplies the vehicle to Toyota under a consigned production and OEM manufacturing agreement. The car was launched at the 2012 Indonesia International Motor Show but has not yet begun sales, waiting for government's LCGC rule.
Agya and Ayla are the answer from Astra, Toyota and Daihatsu for the Indonesia government's plan of LCGC rule. Agya and Ayla use the same engine used by the Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1. The difference of Agya and Ayla is the front fascia, emblems, features, and the variants. The Agya and Ayla are not being sold yet. The price in Indonesia is expected to be Rp 75-105 million, as required for the LCGC category.

Toyota Agya boasts a roomy cabin, though you currently suppose i’m kidding, i’ve out to admit that the interior is roomier than in a few larger cars. complete cab is designed in accordance along with the exterior. prevail rounded forms that combined with “high profile” windscreen creates a pleasant ambiance. the middle console, like several different elements, is created of the onerous plastic that’s not therefore pleasant out to the touch as abundant as quality. additionally out to plastic, listed here are metal components that happen to be within the whole same color as car. within the whole middle as to the center tunnel happens to be the shift lever, and also the front of them available may be a storage compartment glasses and different necessities. higher than the box may be a 12v socket and another handy compartment and air conditioning.
Though different car doesn’t have this more than a little resolution, everybody will simply manage out to notice the ideal within temperature. toyota agya 1. zero vvt-i – interior climate is located higher than the audio system, and on prime of another storage compartment. because you already have noticed, agya hides a several storage compartments, that in apply proved becoming a nice advantage. in front as to the driver’s seat and also the steering wheel a speedometer is located utilizing a digital show conditions as to the reservoir. cute and unusual is freelance tachometer ( as in good ). within the whole front 2 persons of higher growth will simple accommodate, whereas with the rear seat will squeeze 3 or 2 adults. in read as to the spacious cabin, boot area had out to be withheld. therefore this toyota has on the market just 139 liters storage area, that’s enough out to accommodate the pvc window measuring 80×80 inches in it. folding the rear seat, this space can possibly be increased out to 712 liters.
For running the tested model 1.0-liter petrol engine was in charge. Here is a 3-cylinder engine equipped with a variable valve timing (VVT-i) that develops 68 horsepower. Since this is a small engine with one cylinder less than we used to, the sound is different from the kind we hear every day. The sound is sharp and strongly attracted to the accelerator pedal when accelerating. When I’m at acceleration, I guess this little note to 100 km / h in 14.2 seconds, with a top speed of 157 km / h. Accelerations are solid thanks to light weight (830 kg), especially when the engine is kept at high revs. All in all, the Agya is very lively and can deal with bigger and more powerful cars in the city.
Looking the outside of Toyota Agya, you will see the appearance of a city car which is quite charming. In Indonesia, Toyota Agya comes in 5 color variants, namely metallic blue, light blue, gray metallic, silver, silver and white methalic.
For the front view already using Halogen headlights type, so as to provide brighter illumination than ordinary lights, even though had to go through that without light, Toyota Agya can still cross the road in comfort. Not to forget the fog lights are also embedded in this Japanese car in anticipation of the haze that can interfere with vision. The car relies on four main door and 1 door luggage behind. The back side more handsome with the trunk door wider. Ornaments rear combination lamps are also further enhance the stern look.

Log into the interior, the rooms were spacious enough, so that the impression will soon feel comfortable when you enter it. Rows of chairs were neatly arranged cabin interior Toyota Agya make an appearance to be more graceful. Moreover, Toyota Agya cabin seats made of high quality materials, so that linger sitting on the passenger seat will not make fast bored. Besides foam padded, also present at the top of the headrest that can spoil your neck and head. For entertainment, this car has been equipped with 1 DIN audio system CD MP3 USB AUX can play your favorite music while driving. With all the features it has, Agya Toyota city car deserves to be a mainstay of the family car.

source : toyota action